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Smiling Teacher

Teacher Training

Generally, teachers have positive perceptions about the importance of the integration into their instruction.  However, many teachers lack the understanding and skills about how to effectively integrate the technology.


Helping teachers to understand the various approaches of technology integration will allow them to be more effective in their use of technology in their classroom.


As a teacher, I understand learners and pedagogical approaches to instruction in the classroom.  I also  appreciate what our goals are for our students as leaders in the 21st century.


Having led technology teacher training workshops for the Ministry of Education, the Catholic Board, Lyford Cay International School and in numerous workshop sessions and discussions, I understand the needs of educators on the path of technology integration; with or without technology background. 


If you would like to benefit from a teacher with experience in teaching teachers and the designation to educate adults, then reach out today so that together, we can help our teachers on their technology integration journey.


"The journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step" ~ Lao Tzu

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