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Operational Technology

Are you in the market for a new Student Information System, Learning Management System or enterprise solution to use in the operation of your educational establishment but not sure about where to start?


Confused about service contracts, all of that computer lingo or not sure what it means to save to "the cloud"? 


Don't let EdTech salesmen take you on a costly ride of empty promises and limited results.  And perhaps you should also be careful about taking purchasing advice from your cousin who knows "a thing or two about computers" but has no idea about the field of education or education management. 


Take advice from an expert in the field with education management experience.  Let me help you to:

  • Analyze your existing technology ecosystem and data flow

    • With considerations for data security, risks and vulnerabilities

    • Policies and procedures

  • Research market solutions

  • Make recommendations on solutions to improve operations through the use of appropriate data systems

  • Assist with implementation and training


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