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Instructional Designing

A focus on instructional design creates content that makes learning fun and engaging for learners at all levels.  Well designed instructional resources that are engaging, incorporating the concepts is pedagogy and andragogy from an expert trained in theory with years of practical knowledge is critical to program success.  Receive guidance from experience and someone who has passionately taught learners at a wide range of the educational spectrum from Kindergarten to college technology introduction classes.

At the elementary level, I taught Information and Communications Technology (ICT). I designed instructional resources for students age 5 to 12.  My instructional resources for younger learners included lots of simplified images with bright colors and large font.  Lessons were enriched with songs and repetition to facilitate recall and reinforce basic concepts.


As a middle school (grades 7-12) Computer and Design Technology teacher to students in the International Baccalaureate (IB) framework, I found creative ways to teach students to create using the Design Cycle.  Teaching this subject for 5 years, was perhaps the most exciting for me in my teaching career.

The Design Cycle is perhaps the most widely used approach to problem solving and creation used today.  Coming up with creative instructional resources to help students to understand the concept of Identification of a problem to be solved, Researching to see what has been done before to address the problem, Coming up with mock-ups or design ideas, Creating a solution to the problem and Evaluating the results was an exciting challenge.


Incorporating real-life situations and presenting students with many interesting challenges to help them to utilize higher level thinking in order to solve problems is key to using this method.

At the senior high school level, I taught Computer Studies, Office Procedures, Business Communication, Commerce and A+ Computer Repair.  My instructional resources were designed in preparation for the national  external exams and computer operations targeted for career path study in Business, Auto Mechanics, Cosmetology and Comp TIA A+ Certification.

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